Cancer Part 2 - The Saga Continues

So I'm finally getting around to writing an update. It's been a while since big picture update worthy stuff not a whole lot has happened, or at least not a lot that I knew enough to make it worth posting. That and I'm lazy and felt like doing other things. Like right now I'm waiting for some DNS changes to go through. Once those are done I'll probably drop this post like its hot and go back to working on that.

Chemo is Done!

I've been done with my 12 weeks of intense chemo for about 4 weeks now. Side effects are pretty much gone and I'm feeling a lot better. I'm able to get out and about by myself and am getting back into the swing of being able to lead a normal life, which is good because I've been going insane! 3 months is a long time to feel like crap and not be my normal randomly independent self.

Not Done Yet

So after all the chemo my latest scan showed a lot of improvement, but a couple of oddities that my doctor wasn't sure what to think about so he sent me to the Indiana University Hosptial down in Indianapolis, which has the best team in the world for my type of cancer. The short version from seeing them is I need a surgery to remove a bunch of lymph nodes in my abdomen. There's also a 5% chance that after I recover from the surgery I'll need to do an additional 2 rounds of chemo. So I have the potential of another 4-14 weeks of cancer crap and recovery to deal with. I really don't want to do more chemo and be out for that much longer.

Still Eventually Gonna Be Fine

When I started telling people about my cancer diagnosis I would always say that in the long run I'll be fine, it's just going to suck getting there. Thanksfully that hasn't changed. My new specialist team feels the same way and is still saying that there's a 98% chance that we still totally slay this thing. That's as close to a sure thing as you're going to get when you're talking about things that require surgery.

At this point I'm more concerned about my sanity lasting through the end of this than I am about physically getting through it. There's only so many times someone can watch "We're the Millers" on Comedy Central before he cracks.

DNS updates are done, time to get back to something at least somewhat productive. Just remember, live your life with no ragrets.

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